Sontag Slides To Finish 20th @ Stafford!

Stafford Springs, CT – On August 31st the Valenti Modified Racing Series would make their second and final trip of the season to Stafford Motor Speedway. Last time out was Sontag’s first time ever racing the famed half mile. Learning a lot during practice and the race, the team had more confidence in it’s return trip. The car and driver would take some time getting use to the track during practice. He would finish first practice 20th and second practice 29th out of 31 cars. On to the heat race where Cam would be in the second heat starting second place. The top 6 of each heat would advance to the feature. After the 10 laps Cameron would finish the heat race in the 5th position therefore he would start the feature in the 14th position. After a short autograph session with the fans, it was time for the feature event. Like last time at Stafford, it would only be an 80 lap feature event. The race was off to a quick start and on lap 9 the caution flag would fly. It was too early to make any adjustments needed for later in the race. This is where the problem would arise. The lap 9 caution would be the only caution of the night. The race would go green to checker on a 71 lap run. The front end of the car was sliding through the corners and wasn’t able to get the grip coming off of the turn. Cameron would hang on for a 20th place finish. While the finish wasn’t what the team was hoping for, the car was in one piece and they made it to the feature without having to go to the consi like the last time at Stafford. You have to count the small victories when you get them! The next race will be the make up race at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on September 8th!

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