Sontag Motorsports Solid Performance @ Loudon!

Loudon, NH – On June 23rd and 24th the Valenti Modified Racing Series would make their way into New England’s biggest race track. New Hampshire Motor Speedway also known as the “Magic Mile” would play host to the fifth race of the season. As part of the 2nd Annual “New England Short Track Showdown”, the MRS was schedule for practice on Saturday with their 50 lap feature on Sunday.

Saturday morning would start bright and early for the Sontag Motorsports team. Arriving at the track at 7am to get checked in and find their spot in the garage area. Spotter Jim Windrow would set the team back with the tire corral draw with drawing number 37. This would put the team in the “slim pickings” area of the preferred tires. After finally getting tires, it was time to hit the track for the first practice session of the day. Cam would end the first practice with a quick lap of 30.960 seconds (123.02 mph) and would be 18th quickest. During second practice Cam wasn’t able to hookup with another car to draft and would turn a fast lap of 31.359 second (121.45 mph). This would conclude the morning session. Four more practice sessions were to be held after the lunch break. After the lunch break, mother nature would take part in practice and the rain would fall the rest of the afternoon. Practice would be cancelled for the remainder of the day and everyone would reconvene on Sunday.

The team would be back at it on Sunday morning. Sunday would prove to be a busy day. The MRS would see two practices, heat races and the 50 lap feature event. In the first practice of the morning Cam would find his quickest speed of the weekend yet, turning a lap of 30.592 seconds (124.50 mph). After gaining more confidence in the track and working in the draft a little bit the team would be ready for second practice and try to figure out some race strategy. Unfortunately Cameron wasn’t able to find a drafting partner during the second practice and would post a fast lap of 30.916 second (123.19 mph).

It was time for the heat race. The #13 would roll off 9th. On the start of the heat race there would be a checkup and the right front tire would ride on Richard Savary’s rear bumper for a portion of the straight away. Not significant damage would appear on both cars and both would continue on without a caution. After the checkers waved in the heat race, Sontag would end up 6th while turning a lap of 30.423 seconds (125.19 mph)

Finally, it was time for the feature event. Cam would be rolling off in the 16th position. The race would get off to a quick start and would see the first caution fly thirteen laps into the race. At this point of the race Cam would be scored 17th. There would be another caution a few laps later. Knowing they would have to pit for fuel, the team elected to stay out as they had worked their way up to 11th place. With the car working very well on the outside grove Cam would hover around the Top 10 until the third and final caution of the race would come out with 16 laps to go. Cam would bring the car in for 5 gallons of fuel and an adjustment. Crewmen Charlie and Steven would perform a flawless pit stop that would be one for the record books, Cam would be off and on his way back to the track. On the restart Cam would start 19th. The race would finish out on the long green flag run and Cam clawed his way back to 14th while running his quickest lap of the weekend with a speed of 30.241 seconds (125.94 mph).

After the race Cam would say “Racing Loudon was awesome! Definitely a great experience for me and the team and I can’t wait to go back next year with what we’ve learned! The biggest thing I learned from the race and the whole weekend was drafting and how important it is at such a big track. It was a lot of fun learning from some of the best and I feel like it gave me some great experience as a driver.” He continued to elaborate on the season saying “So far I think our season has been an awesome start and I feel like we are progressing more every race as a team. I can’t wait for some of the races in the second stretch of the year like Monadnock and Waterford where I feel like we are very confident heading into those events.”

Cameron and the Sontag Motorsports team will be in action on July 7th at Mondanock Speedway for the Firecracker 100! Be sure to come out and support your local short track and enjoy the Modified race and Fireworks after the race. General Admission gates open at 5pm! We hope to see you there supporting Sontag Motorsports.

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